Hey there!

This page is my first attempt to spread my thoughts on the internet (at the same time with other subdomain of undergrinder.com - check it out).


The expected topics on the blog are…

  • Databases
  • Script languages
  • Workflows
  • Reviews
  • MiniProjects

I have multiple purpose with this site, among others…

  • Learning new technologies
  • Learning the web by creating this site
  • Share my experiences

Who am I?

My internet nickname is undergrinder. My first band name was Undergrind, that is founded by with my friends in high school, and it’s heritage is two non-popular unkown hit, and my blogname.

I have have been working as BI developer (and meanwhile worked as PL/SQL developer too) since 2014, and glad to say it, my work is my hobby. I like write scripts and create new things from scratch or deal with existing tools.

This blog exist, because I want to try out Jekyll, and test it’s capabilities.

Beside computer things I’m interested in…

  • Retro video games
  • Playing metal with two precious and at the same time infamous band.
  • Kettlebell
  • Creating lists, like this


I hope you’ll like my page, I try my best. :)